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Guidance of the use of group including an excursion, the social visit

PDF readers such as Adobe Reader are necessary for reading of the PDF.
When you are not installed in environment of the use, please download Adobe Reader from a right banner.
I hold a natural observation event "nature experience-based lesson for group including the elementary school of the mouse teacher" from 2019 and add it. The every month second Wednesday holding. Participation is free.

1.About advance reservations of a report and the use of the use of group of parking lot

 When you use Aikawa Park in a group, please report the use. I ask in particular for a prior report when there are accidents as many groups uses it on dam discharge days to give a prompt response.
In addition, permission of Kanagawa (Atsugi engineering works office) is necessary when I am going to do the next act.
  1. You sell an article or distribute it
  2. In a commercial purpose, perform the filming of the movie or recording, recording, the broadcast of a radio and the video
  3. Perform events
  4. You monopolize all or part of the city park, and, for an event to be similar to competition, exhibition, meeting, these other, use it
  5. Perform an act to be similar to donation, campaign to collect signatures, these other
  6. Use fireworks, fire including the campfire
In addition, a reservation is necessary regardless of pay, free of charge about the use of the parking lot of the medium-sized vehicle the large size such as buses beforehand.

The reservation method of a report of the use of group and the large parking lot,
(1) Email
   Use of group report and parking lot reservation vote (form email)
(2) Fax 046-280-3770
   Use of group report and parking lot reservation vote (PDF)
(3) Telephone 046-281-3646
※In the case of an email and fax, you click "a use of group report and parking lot reservation vote", and please send it after filling out a necessary matter.

<the day when there is a charge for a parking lot>
(1) Saturday and Sunday and holiday
(2) Golden Week period
(3) Summer vacation period
(4) Spring vacation period

<parking rate of large size, the medium-sized vehicle>
  Once, 1, 500 yen per 1 vehicle

<reduction of taxes measures>
○ In any of any of the following, the total amount of the parking rate is exempted.
 (1) When children, the child of a compulsory education different kind of studies school, a high school, a kindergarten and the nursery school or a student uses a park as an instructional activity.
 (2) When a group participating in an event or the business that a country, a prefecture and the municipalities host for an administrative purpose uses a park.
 (3) When person with a disability facilities, a person with a disability group use a park.
○ It becomes only a large car, the medium-sized car to be reduced taxes.
○ Please contact the Aikawa Park park center (Phone: 046-281-3646) for the procedure of the reduction of taxes application.
Usage> of the parking lot on <day
○ Opening time
Period Opening time
Spring vacation - September From 8:30 to 18:00
From October to March From 8:30 to 17:00
○ The parking lot of the medium-sized vehicle becomes park center latest south parking lot (nine) and the north parking lot (15) large size.
○ When south parking lot is full, a child, the student, please park the vehicle in the north parking lot after getting off at south parking lot.


○ I install the restroom in nine places in the park.


○ In the lunch place, "a child open space", please use lawns such as "Kazeno-oka Hill" "a contact open space".
○ In addition, I will have, as a general rule, you eat in a car in case of rain.
○ In the park and the restaurants of the adjoining land are as follows.
  Light meal "Aikawa Sansaien" in the Handcraft Workshop
TEL: 090-3286-1715
Water and energy building "lakeside cafe"
TEL: 046-281-0991
Holiday Every week Monday and Tuesday, Thursday Every Monday
Business hours From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Seat 12 seats of indoor, outdoors 12 seats 41 seats of indoor, outdoors 12 seats
Beef curry, katsudon, set meal not to wind up
Udon, side, ice-cream cone
Flavor udon, hot dog, French toast of Miyagase dam discharge curry, sausage curry, a plum and the chicken, gateau chocolate, coffee, seasonal tea

4.Medical institution

Hospital name The location Telephone
Hospital in northern Ataigawa 281-1, Sumida, Aikawa-machi 046-284-2121
The Sagamihara Red Cross hospital Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi Nakano 256 042-784-1101
Atsugi Municipal Hospital 1-16-36, Mizuhiki, Atsugi-shi 046-221-1570
Yagi clinic 2724-1, Hanbara, Aikawa-machi 046-280-1888

5.About use of Handcraft Workshop

○ In the industrial arts studio village, I can experience ceramic art, hand-molded pottery painting, tree bamboo work, a grasshopper, indigo dyeing and the papermaking.
 As for the experience in the above, a group becomes treated like ten people, and a prior reservation is necessary.
○ We have 2 courses of 500 yen or 800 yen in the recommended course of the use of group.
○ As a hall takes approximately 5 minutes on foot from the parking lot, please visit with margin. 

6.About a natural experience-based classroom

○ Targeting at group such as elementary schools, I prepared for the natural observation program by the expert.
○ I observe an open space of the Aikawa Park and the very large natural observation forest, life and action, living of the animal living there and am the program on the basis of knowing the wonder of nature through an experience.
◯ The date is every month from April to November, second Wednesday.
◯ The entrance fee is free.
○ The participation in program becomes the group unit. In addition, I should accept advance reservations system, the first-come-first-served basis. 

7.About Aikawa Town Museum

○ The staff explains that I will have a prior reservation by use of group. It is the time required for approximately approximately 30 minutes.
(telephone 046-280-1050)
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