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Sightseeing in Miyagase dam discharge
Quantity of discharge extends to the sightseeing discharge carried out by Miyagase dam for six minutes at 30 cubic meters, discharge time for one second. The dynamic artificial cascade which unimaginable quantity of water right weaves. With a roaring sound called gogo, a source of two white water becomes more shameless. From the bottom of a river that ran in large quantities, spray is totally whirled up like smoke. You must sense this magnificent show that the beautiful rainbow appears bodily on the day when it was fine, too. (from the dam Administration Office HP)
[the enforcement date and time]
Every Wednesday, every month second Sunday, the every month second, fourth Friday
Every day first 11:00, the second 14:00 (approximately six minutes)
Other unsettled dates (event discharge)
*I do not carry it out for from December to March.
*I may be changed by weather.

Way to sightseeing discharge View Point

The  sightseeing discharge view under the Miyagase dam bank body is approximately 20 minutes on approximately 1,000 meters, foot to pointing it (the sightseeing discharge highlight) from "Aikawa Park south parking lot".
 From "Aikawa Park park center," it is approximately 15 minutes on approximately 900 meters, foot.
 In addition, I arrive in 5-6 minutes when you use "road train Ai" from "in front of park center".
The  fare of Ai is one way, 300 yen for adults, child 200 yen, infant (4 years old or older) 100 yen.
 As for the departure time of Ai of "in front of park center", it is as follows.
■Ai timetable 
(from summer April to November)
10 00 24 48
11 19 41
12 02 *24 *45
13 *07 29 50
14 19 41
15 03 25 47
16 09
*The seal travels only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
■Suspension day Golden Week, summer vacation, the next day on Monday Sundays and holidays except the spring vacation
■It travels every day during the period (7/21 - 8/31) in summer vacation.
 I am in time for sightseeing discharge of 11:00 if he/she takes Ai at 10:48.
 I am in time for sightseeing discharge of 14:00 if he/she takes Ai at 13:50.
 In addition, you may not take it when the capacity of Ai fills up for 55 people.
 On the day when congestion is expected, I recommend that it is walked to the dam bottom with margin at time.
 It should be come 30 minutes before the discharge time by the parking lot.
 In addition, please be careful as you may be congested when you enter the parking lot on holidays.

It is a street view from the park center to the Miyagase dam

Go straight on, and go down the slope, and an end to the right. Please advance to the way afterward. It is arrival at approximately 900 meters to the Miyagase dam bottom.
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